Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bedroom To Do

I read on a blog recently a list of things to keep you creative, and one of those was to keep to do lists. Now, if I kept one to do list for everything I think it would be overwhelming, understatement of the year! However; since I want to finish up our Master Bedroom first, I thought that a quick (ya, right!) to do list for the bedroom would be a good place to start.

Here is a picture of the bedroom "as is"

Sydney loves to sit on the bed and mess it up just after it is made!

Can you see Sydney?

So, with a few tweaks we will be in good shape! Here are a few pics of the room that we are keeping "as is" essentially the dresser and night stands!


  1. Hey Libby! Fabulous job on the master bedroom! I'm so proud for you and Travis! I really think you should try linking up to some link parties and entering your projects! Just take a peek at OAK House 5., click on any or all of the links at the lower left hand side and just follow kinky rules and link up! Call me if you need help!

  2. OH My! I mean LINKY rules. Ugh! That was a major mess up!