Thursday, July 7, 2011

Meet our couch

I know that I told ya'll about the couch that Travis let me buy last year for my birthday. In case you forgot what it started out like here is a quick picture!

Here she is in all of her glory!
We found her at a flea market, and I fell in love with her instantly. Travis and I had wanted a new couch since we married (we had been using my gramma's old couch with a slip cover) but had some issues in deciding what to do. First, we really wanted a sectional, but found that all of the long sleek sectionals we liked didn't fit in our bungalow sized living room. And the ones that would fit....just didn't seem like something we would be interested in after we moved from this house. So, we shelved the idea of a new sectional and started thinking about other options, we actually hadn't decided what to do when we met this gorgeous girl! And all at once, everything made perfect sense. She would fit perfectly in our living room, and once we left this house we would put her in a bedroom to make room for the sectional of our dreams. There was only one hitch; her previous owners weren't even planning on selling her. I had to visit this flea market twice before I finally twisted their arm. I could tell she had been neglected, but her wood frame was intact and her lines were so lovely!

When we got her home we were able to inspect her more closely to see that she really was gonna need some work, and we didn't know how to do it all. After some research we learned that couches of this age had springs that were hand-tied, and all of hers had come loose. We found a local crafstman who could re-tie her springs and fix the webbing on the bottom keeping her all put together.

Before we sent her off, we took needle-nose plyers to her and carefully removed every bit of fabric from her frame!
While she was being worked on we searched for fabric! Now, since we are a young couple not yet burned with the sensibilities of true adulthood we decided that we wanted to something fun. When we do finally get a sectional we will probably opt for charcoal grey that will wear well and hide blemishes, but for now we wanted something different. The green walls of our living room have a smokey hue to them so we started there. Seeking out patterns and options that would be just perfect until we found this: Thomas Paul's Parasols fabric in chartreuse. We instantly were drawn to this choice! Since it is on the dark side we decided to paint the wood frame of the couch white, Dover White by Benjamin Moore, to keep things from being too dark and to give it a punch!

After the springs had been fixed on the couch it was just a matter of a quick paint job and some reupholstering for us to have this:

We are so pleased with our new addition to the living room! Can't wait to show ya'll what its all starting to look like up in here!

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  1. I found your post through a series of blog hopping and I can't tell you how much I love the couch redo. LOVE!

  2. Visiting from Addicted to Decorating: LOVE this couch! What a beautiful fabric and the white paint is the perfect touch!

  3. visiting from MMS, It looks amazing and way much better than a plain sectional :)

    Rasha @ mychampagnetaste

  4. Hello Awesomeness...

    You just got a STICKER!

    I'll be featuring your sofa on Saturday during STICKER time. I hope to see you there!

  5. I hopped over here from Desiree's blog at The 36th Avenue. I love your couch makeover it is absolutely amazing.
    Smiles, Paula

  6. I just featured your sofa! Come and button-up!

    Thank you for sharing it love!

  7. Absolutely beautiful!! I'd love it if you linked this up to my party that is going on at Project Queen.
    I'm a new follower!

  8. Wow i would love a sofa like that. i love it. new follower here xxx

  9. That's a luscious couch girl! I adore the fabric and it looks just right on her lovely lines :)

  10. I found this in "Under The Table and Dreaming" and I want to tell you that is absolutely gorgeous!

  11. What an amazing transformation! You are very talented!!!