Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello Friend

Oh, actually, no sorry, I wasn't talking about you. I was talking about a different friend. I was really talking about her. Travis and I LOVE her. And do you know what I love most? How much Travis loves her!
Isn't she beautiful? Saturday the 9th was my birthday. And knowing me as Travis does, he decided that we would spend the afternoon looking for a thrift store console that we can re-do for the new tv that we don't yet have, but plan to buy later! Kinda a perfect afternoon in my book, so after a bite a Belly's cafe we were off! p.s. -- Lubbockites have you ever eaten at Belly's? I hadn't. Its downtown on Ave. Q and 19th-ish right across the street from the big American State Bank. Anyway, its not fancy, but I was pleasantly surprised. More than just a greasy hamburger, anyway.

I'm digressing, sorry. So after we ate and were on our way, I asked Travis if we could stop at Grand Central Station antiques. There is a vendor there that has some beautiful demi johns, which I also love, but don't really see them melding well with our house! Anyway, I still wanted to show them to Travis.
But, while we were browsing her stuff we found our new and much loved friend instead! Now, the other part of the story that you are missing is that we have been looking for something to put at the end of our bed for, well, forever I guess. Anyway, it couldn't be too big because the space is small and for that same reason we wanted something with legs that was not bulky feeling. Not anything with dark wood or fabric because we already have dark charcoals etc. in the room. Anyway, when we saw her we were in love. And then we found out she had a sister, yessss.

Now, I might have passed on these, just because I knew that if we tried to DIY it ourselves we could probably come up with a probably not as pretty, but definitely a less expensive version. Travis however negotiated with this lady, who was surprisingly nice, and we got to take them home with us!
So, here is what they look like in our room. We love them! And now our pillows aren't land mines in the middle of the floor when you get up to go to the bathroom at night!

And, incase you would like to see more birthday related pics...here they are! Travis spent the whole day thinking of things I would like to do. We woke up early in the morning to go garage sale-ing (I have loot to share!), I got my hair done, went thrifting, took a well deserved nap, ate Italian for dinner, and finished the evening with a Humphrey Bogart movie, The Maltese Falcon. Ohhh, and check out the pretty flowers and sunglasses Travis gave me for my quarter century anniversary! {25 is not old, 25 is not old, 25 is, ok I'm getting a little up there}

I love billy balls!
cat-eye sunglases that were inspired by January Jones, not that I am obsessed with her strictly speaking, ok, honestly I am obsessed with her. And mad men. And her.

Thanks for all of the birthday wishes, it was such a fun weekend! Next, I can't wait to show ya'll some of the stuff Travis let me get while thrifting.

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