Sunday, December 5, 2010

When we aren't studying...

So, more weeks have passed than I care to admit since I've been able to post pics and update everyone on our lives, but I think that is the nature of life!

Travis and I are both doing well! Travis is working hard and studying a lot as well! I am about to finish my internal medicine rotation, and then we will both have off for Christmas break! Anyway, so the whole purpose of this post is to talk about what we are doing when we aren't studying.

We have quite a few projects that we are working on: we are reupholstering an old couch, repainting an old dresser, and working on other paining and buiding projects for our bedroom! I have promised pictures of the things we have going on now! So here we go:

This is the old couch we are reupholstering -with help from my Aunt. We have now taken off all of the fabric and our couch is getting the springs re-tied and the webbing restrung. We have ordered fabric that should be in soon, hopefully! So all that is left is to pain the couch and reupholster it (thats all, ha)!

This is the fabric that we are going to reupholster it in. Its really cool in person and not quite as dark looking!

This is the picture of the dresser that Travis and I are painting. We finally decided on Martha Stewarts, Weathervane, its a purple so dark it almost looks black. I think it will look great with our grey walls and shiny gunmetal bedspread!

This is the pictures of the mirror that Travis and I made back in September! I'm not able to describe it very well -- so here are the pictures finally! Anyway, I like this much more than most starburst mirrors that I've seen in catalogs and its much cheaper. Also, I'm not sure if you can tell, but this thing is HUGE! The mirror was 14" and the bamboo we cut ranged from 15" to 24" so it fits are large wall very well!

Here is the picture of the mirror on the wall! I think it looks great and I think it will look even better once we have the new couch with the funky fabric sitting below it!
Well; that is a quick update with some things that I have been wanting to share with ya'll!!

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