Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Perfection is relative, I suppose

Sometimes I guess there are things that two people will never be able to agree upon fully.

Below is a picture that I consider to be perfect. So much so, that when I am lost in house work, or feel like I don't know where all of the house projects Travis and I are trying to do are going - I pull up this picture and it encourages me. I talk to Travis a lot about our "forever house." I think of it as the place where we will spend most of our lives -- you know; raise children, have dogs, and live out our lives. For me, our "forever house" is filled with baking, hot chocolate, and laughing. It is the place that is always wonderful.

And this is what it looks like.

So imagine my surprise when I show this picture to Travis and say "isn't it perfect?" He says "I don't like the wall paper. It looks like cotton balls, or pine cones." {I happen to think that this room would not be the same with any other wall paper}

The point of this is to ask for those of you who know us to help -- what do you think? Perfection? or Pine cones?

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