Sunday, December 5, 2010


This year for my parents 60th birthday my brothers and I decided to give them a surprise birthday party. It was so much fun! My aunt volunteered her house (our 930 sq foot bungallow would have been tight) and we had over 40 of my parents friends and family there to celebrate!

A friend went around snapping some quick pics before the party started of the food and decorations. Later, I will post pictures of everyone having fun!

Our theme for the evening was black and white, in honor of their 60th birthday, with chalk and chalkboard details to keep it from being too stiff feeling.

We had black butcher paper runners and chalk so that the kids could draw and have funWe also pained chalk board paint stripes on the glasses so everyone could write their names on their glass and not get glasses confused.The food we had was wonderful! Prime rib sliders, tomato basil soup shots, asparagus rolls, caprese salad on a stick, and spicy sweet and sour chicken skewers!We had a dessert buffet with mini cupcakes, kettle corn, lemon bars, and rice krispie sticks for the kids!A year book picture of my Mother, she was voted "Most Beautiful" in high schoolTo drink we had an ice tea and coffee bar with peach, raspberry, hazelnut, and vanilla flavors!

The last thing we had was a place for guests to write a special note to Mom and Dad!

We had such a wonderful time getting to put this together for our parents, and we were so happy to see so many of our family and friends there to help us make this birthday special one!

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