Sunday, October 3, 2010

Happy Bithday Travis!

Well, no doubt this post is a bit late! Haha! Now that I have gotten my camera cords back from my Mom I can finally post some of the long promised pictures of Travis on his Birthday!

This year Travis turned 26! It was also Travis' first birthday to spend in Lubbock so I wanted to make it extra special for him. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to make his day perfect someone else had other plans...Travis was rear ended on his way to class and so his day started off on a super sour note!
Oh well, Travis didn't let it ruin his day and we had a bunch of fun. Enjoy the long over due pictures!

Snow on Travis' birthday!!!!

Travis enjoying some Happy Bithday chocolate chip muffins, and finishing home work which is why he looks grumpy!

Sydney tells Travis "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADS!!"

Travis' meal of choice on his birthday! I hate fast food (and Whataburger in particular)so he never gets to eat it! Since I told him he could have anything he wanted...this is what he choose!

I feel so very blessed to be paired with such a wonderful man, even though its not his birthday today I wanted to take a second and say that I am a very lucky, blessed woman!

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