Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I like, I love, I want

I had a friend who did "I like, I love, I want" post and I decided to copy her! The deal is that I am tyring to post with more regularity and some times I just have posting lulls, ya know? Times when I even know that I have things that I want/should/could/ put up here, but for some reason I just .... don't. Why does that happen? I have posts from Christmas (awesome burlap stocking tutorial, Christmas wreath tutorial, KILLER IKEA hack) that for some reason I just can't get around to posting. But I think some regularity within my posts will help me be better. Help me help you. How does that sound?
So.....I like, I love, I want
I like: The Crank Book Series by Ellen Hopkins. Here is the truth about this book series. Its dark. And it wasn't something that I particularly wanted to read. But I think its a good, true, and important read. For anyone who has teenagers, knows teenagers, works with teenagers, is a teenager, or (like me, hopefully) will someday have a teenager. The story is loosely based on her own daughter, "Kristina." As a teenager she was a straight A student and seemingly perfect. However; she was exposed to meth on a court ordered visit to see her father... I don't want to give the point of the books away, but it is a powerful story about how quickly addiction can take hold, and what it means not only for the addicted, but for their friends and families. I think the visit was only 14 days, but at the end of the 14 days her life was completely turned upside down. There are 3 books in the series: the first two are told from Kristina's perspective and the third is told from the perspective of her 5 children she had while using meth. To make it more powerful, the entire book is written in verse. The words have a beautiful rhythm and the pages fly past you.

 I love: Our house. I love our house. and I'm feeling sentimental about our house because, its on the market. We will likely be leaving Lubbock sometime in the near future and so we decided it was time to let go of this house. In light of all of these things, you should maybe (?) start expecting some before and afters of our house, because I truly love our house. {have I mentioned I love our house?} It was the first house I ever purchased (I say 'I' instead of 'we' because I bought it before we got married). Its 930 sq feet of libby and travis. We have painted every wall (some 2 or 3 times) we have refinished wood floors and old couches, DIY'ed upholstered headboards, and just had a blast. The only few things that we weren't able to accomplish before putting the house on the market are in the extra room, but thats ok! If you know someone who is looking for a well maintained 2/1 with a detached 1 car garage in lubbock, you should show them our listing:

I want: Stella & Dot's Waverly Three Way Cross Body Bag. Its named that way because it can be worn three ways. A full or half cross body bag, and as a clutch. I think its beautiful and the Dove leather is truly gorgeous. Feels like butter.


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