Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A bit about books

I love to read. I love the feel of a good book in my hand, cuddled up with a chair, blanket, and hot tea. I love the classics, romance, character novels, and good science fiction -- you know the kind where half way into the book you realize that all of the strange things in the book seem completely probable and normal....

I have always been a reader. In elementary school I was the girl who had so many AR points that eventually I started buying candy for my friends. And one year they made a race track around the cafeteria and gave each kid a paper car. As you earned points your car moved around the track. There were always the stragglers at the end, but most people were grouped together, but up at the front way in the lead were two cars. An Asian girl and me. Yes I was that girl. Lately, I have come to appreciate books for another purpose. As I have been traveling to my interviews I have LOVED having something to read, or in this case, listen to on my phone to keep me entertained. With that said...I need a little help. I need some tips on good reads.

It seems like lately, I have read it all. Travis and I have been listening to the Millennium Series on our drives across Texas and are saving the last book for our trip down to H-town for interviews in December. I am in the middle of the Friday Night Knitting Series, but I think I am about to finish it soon. And it just feels like I have read all of the other good books out there....so here is my public plea for help. Does anyone know of any good books?? Preferably ones that will keep me entertained in airports??

Any and all tips are welcome!

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