Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Woo Hoo!!!

Well, after a fairly miserable first two weeks of March I can be the blog bearer of good news!

Travis and I spent the first part of March buried in books and hardly seeing/speaking to each other at all. Travis had 3 midterms (dynamics, advanced structural analysis, & concrete -- I don't know what these mean) the week before his Spring break. I had a test, a block final, and the CBSE. What is the CBSE? It is the Comprehensive Basic Science Exam - basically it a test over your first two years of medical school. The purpose of this exam is to evaluate whether or not a student is prepared to take Step 1 of the USMLE in June. The TTUHSC administers the exam and gives you 3 chances to pass it before starting third year, and this was the first time around.

Anyway -- all of that to say that Travis & I were studying -ALOT- but we made it through!

Travis did AWESOME! He only has 2 test grades back but he got a 93 (highest grade in the class) and an 83 (3rd highest grade in the class)! I am SO proud of him - so when he talks to you about his classes and says that "ya sure they are fine" just know that he is being modest and that he is basically showing these poor Tech students how its really done!!

I haven't gotten my grades for my test and final, but I found out I passed the CBSE (whoop!). It is super nice to have that behind us - we just praise the Lord for giving us the strength to make it through those rough 2 weeks, and for allowing us to serve Him through our studies.

On a completely different note I have decided that I am becoming a foodie [please see my food websites I have put up to substantiate my claim]. In my spare time I have been cooking up a storm in our little kitchen. I have been trying to do 2 things; 1 expand my expertise to new food that end I have recently made Curry and General Tso's Chicken. And 2 make things absolutely from scratch -- so no more store bought pesto or tsatsiki sauce, my next project will be homemade pasta and bread (yay).

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