Friday, February 12, 2010

The Halls v 3.0

Hello Family & Friends!

Travis and I have wanted to do a bit of blogging so that we can keep in touch with our friends and family all over the continent & globe! So you are officially reading our first post.

As a true testitiment to his love for the Lord and for me, Travis is adjusting well to being an official Tech Grad student (whoop?) and is begining to get settled into Lubbock as well. Together we have both also been settling into our house, and since most of it has been dependent on my test schedule it has been slow going, but we are so close to having everything put together! We made quite a few changes to the extra bed room so that it works as an office for Travis & an area for me to get ready in so we don't have to step on each other in the bathroom. Anyway, we have spent quite a bit of time trying to plan out how to maximize the space that we have here, and we are both quite pleased with the outcome - our house has become quite cozy and feels just perfect for us! It has snowed three times since we have moved Travis up in January, even as I type this it is snowing right now! Its so pretty but it makes getting around difficult (of course Travis is hoping they will cancel class since tomrrow is his birthday!)

We have been blessed beyond words with our first two months of life together in Lubbock. This semester has been moving quickly, but the Lord has provided us with energy for studying and still allowed us to have quality time together!

We have some fun pictures to post later (snow storms etc.) to give you a glimpse of our life here (though pictures from the Library might be more appropraiate :) For now we just wanted to say HI from Lubbock to those we love :) I will try to post pictures of Travis' birthday so that everyone can see him on his b-day, even if you don't get to "see" him!

Oh - also I wanted to explain the extremely long blog name; basically I came up with EVERY possible play on words with Hall (my favorite was and they were all taken. Something Beautiful is a song by Need to Breath that is one of both of our favorite songs right now, and it has such a simple and beautiful message: to seek and wait for God's beauty that I just decided to name our blog after it! So there you go!

I also have a new email address: (familiar?) Anyway, I am in the process of changing everything over so the more people that start email me at my new & improved email address the better!

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  1. Yay! Another fabulous blog to feed my addiction! Welcome to the club!