Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Time to make lemons

Well, thankyou for bearing with me after my short post earlier! I was so excited to be featured I just wanted to let everyone know, but had to get back to the clinic. If you are visiting from 36th ave. then its a pleasure to meet you! If you wanna know more about me or this blog then click "the halls" to get all of the deets!

I know I've posted many pictures of our house, but I haven't shared one of my favorite parts of the house. When I started my OB/GYN rotation back a year ago I spent a week on night float and 3-4 really crazy weeks that we didn't get to see much of each other. We didn't like not being on the same schedule, but we decided to find a way to make things better...and the result is one of my favorite parts of our house.

First thing, a chalk board to write short notes to each other!

Second, a love tree. Exclusively for little love notes

I love going back and looking at our notes later.

I even love the supplies. clothes pins and milk glass and chalk. Oh My!

 These were so easy to make. Grey cardstock, off white card stock, stamp, gold ink.
The stamp says "Uniquely Handmade limited edition". I thought it fit.

So thats it, my favorite part. Funny how its never the expensive lighting or appliances.

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